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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

unreasonable response

Today I recieved such a nasty email from 3 people that I've never heard of , on another group. NO not stitchers of anykind. These people took severe offense to my signature line that they embarassed me right out of the group. The signature line I thought , was not open for discussion period. I would never say the things that these people said to me and about me, no matter what.
What is our world comming to?? I guess from now on, I'm stickin to my stitching friends. No more other interest groups for me. Although , to be honest, I had more people standing up for me. I've never , ever met or not met, more narrow minded people in my life !! They only had a problem because of my mention of God. Believe it or not,one person that took up for me is an athiest . Yeah, I know, I can't spell. hehehe.Sooooooo, the sig line stayes and the other group of crabs can just suck an egg .!!!! Eileene

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  1. Dont worry I have come across abuse like yours before speech???? LOL where did it go?
    I am a Christian and not afraid to say so but on some groups it is not allowed...such a pity in my eyes
    Love Hugs and God Bless
    Joy in OZ