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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my encounter with facebook

A good friend of mine decided that I needed to keep in touch much better than email. So, she got me to get on facebook. I don't know a wall from a response from a poke. Yep, there is something called a poke. I"m just not sure if its a good thing or not. So my life now has something like 50 friends, some of whom I never heard of. Now, it get interesting..... I hate it. Period.....Remind me never , ever ,ever to listen to another thingy to help me keep in touch. I"M OUTTA THERE !!! Faster than a speeding bullet and much faster than I got on that crazy thing. hehehe, I'm just too dang old for that kind of change. Thats worse than hot flashes, of course, I never had those. I had power surges. Hugs, Eileene

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  1. Power surges! Thanks for the laugh! I don't like facebook either.