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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Facebook part 2

Ok, ok, ok. My durn friend talked me into gettin back on facebook.(what was I thinkin??) Been on again for oh, maybe a week. Cotton-Pickin thing anyway. I still don't know what the following are:
1: what the heck is a wall and how and why do I need it?
2 : what is a poke and how does it work? Is it nasty and should I be very afraid of it?
3 : How do I post on my wall and how do others know I did? Why should I care?
4: Am I supposed to go to others "walls" and write on them? Why are they called walls?
5: What is farmville and why do I need a shovel ? Ok, I got that one. Its for shovelin all the BS that goes on a wall . Right?
I think I need to leave again . Isn't there a product called "Be Gone"? will it work on facebook.?? The fact remains , that I don't have a clue what , why and how it works and how I came to be involved !!!
Didn't I get in this mess tryin to help out a friend , to help me get to know tech stuff / get a social life and keep up with the "Jones"???? I gotta choose my friends better !!hehehehe

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