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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today started with a bang, litterally !!!

Today started with a bang. Literally !!! Dumb ole me wanted to boil some eggs for Frank for his lunch. So I promptly put 'em in a pan of water and turned the gas on . Medium not high. Then I remembered that I needed to answer e-mail. So I did. Then I kissed Frank bye bye and sit down as I'm havin some heart pain. Weeeeellllllll, I heard this "BLAST" then another one. Sounds like it came from the kitchen so I'm thinkin we blew a circuit. I go in the kitchen to yet another 2 blast and a smell I never want to smell again. Not only did they blow up but the durn things burned to my pan. My GOOD Revere Copper Bottom pan. So I took the whole cotton pickin mess out to the porch and shut the door. Now here I am tellin yall about it. Poor poor pittiful me. hehehehe Honestly, its poor poor pittiful pan. ANd of course, Frank called to tell me to put the mail out and heard a big bang. Well, I didn't know how to lie about a big bang so i told the truth. when he finished laughin he told me I can only cook with a timer now. )^&^%#$%^) dang it anyway. It just so happenes that I have one on my stove. BUT, I need one louder. Sooooooo, I get to go shopin !!!Yippie Skippie. For further info on my "mess" I'll tell youins later. Hugs, Eileene Any one know how to clean a pan like this?? Now come on, surley I ain't the only one thats ever done I?????


  1. My mom recently did the same thing. But she had left the home to run to my brothers who was in a crisis, she returned home to see smoke coming out of her window, went in and her eggs had burned to a crisp. Took forever to get the smoke out. The smell is beyond description. I think burnt eggs is one of the worst.

    She had to throw her pan out. But I found these instructions on a web site:)

    1) Fill the pot with water, add a squirt of dishwashing soap and bring to a boil. Simmer for a few minutes, then allow to soak for an hour.

    2) Scrub the pot again.

    3) If food remains, try covering the pot bottom with a thick paste of baking soda and water and allowing to sit overnight. Then add two tablespoons of white vinegar and water, bring to a boil, simmer for 10 minutes, then allow to sit overnight again.

    Ann Flowers

  2. ThanksAnn. I googled too and the stain and smell came out. Eileene

  3. You are definitely not the only one. I have Revere Ware as well - got it 40 years ago as a wedding present. So you can imagine how many times I've burned things in it. Steel wool is my main weapon. I scrub off all I can. If there is still some left, I put an inch or so of amonia and put on the pot cover and let it sit over night. That usually loosens the char up enough to remove it.

  4. I know that I'm a little late with a solution for cleaning your pan...but did you know that fabric softener added to water and heated and allowed to sit over night will lift scorched stuff from a pan.