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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life gets in the way sometimes

Like all of yall know, life gets in the way sometimes. Gardening, kids, house, family, graduations, and weddings. Not in that order though. Around here even dogs and cats get in the way. hehehe I have some friends that have been sending me little goodies to play with in my crazy quilting. Boy, did they fix me up good !!! Now I need to get my crazy quilting out and play again.
Kids get out of school tomorrow. Then its vollyball practice and basketball practice. Runnin kids around sure gets ya busy. But I do have fun too. I'll just take my stitchin with me . That way life can't get in the way too much. Gotta go , school is handin out awards today. Ariel made the honor roll and Sydney got a good citizen award. Hugs, to all , Eileene

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