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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Long time no post......

Will try to do better in April. BTW, happy April fools day ........There was America's home video on the other day and I decided to watch. wellllllll, this kid puts saran wrap on the door frame at the height of his dad. Ya can't see the stuff , so this kid acts like he falls and starts yelling for his dad to come quick. He did and ran smack dab into the wrap. Scared the bejeppers outta him. hehehehe I loved it so wanted to do it to Ariel, one of my granddaughters. But, it is a school day so I'll wait for Saturday. hehehehehhe I just can't wait. I'' try to get a picture and post it. Gotta go for now, time to get breakfast on the table. Eileene

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  1. Did you trick Ariel with the saran wrap? I think we Brits call it cling-film