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Saturday, May 1, 2010

New fangled tomato grower???

Yall ever heard of those little green bags that ya grow 'maters in upside down??? I can't think of the name now. Anyway I've murdered over a dozen plants by using them. SO I finally figured out that there is somethin not right. Go figure. Now I'm a pretty good hand at raisin veggies and such. But this thing has got me stumped. I put the little plant (ohhhh so cute) in the bottom of the thing and then add the potting soil. NOt the cheap stuff for this little plant. No I got the 'spensive stuff. Two days later my cute little plant is deader than a mackrel. So now I go get a 'spensiver plant .You know bigger. I'm gonna give this one a try AGAIN. Yall got any ideas of what I'm doin wrong?? I followed directions. I even looked at the pictures. Looks just like mine EXCEPT theirs has red tomatoes hangin all over it and mine looks like the rear end of a dead horse! Any and all ideas will be considered. I thank you and my bigger 'mater plant thanks you.

hehehe Eileene I would post a picture but I just ain't got the heart. waaaaahhhhaaa

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