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Friday, March 5, 2010


Well during a lot of spring cleaning I decided to go get the mail. The whole area was engulfed in smoke. Couldn't see much of anything. I called my neighbor Ferris and asked what was causing the smoke. He said another of our neighbors has started a burn and it had gotten away from him. Ferris ran to help and still couldn't control it so they called the volunteer fire dept. There were fire trucks and fighters from 5 towns close by and people every where. The fire got within 50 feet of our house and even closer to Ferris' house. The fire took in over 200 acres and a few hours to get in control. Trucks came thru our place and tore down a gate so they could save our place. Boy it did get close. Scared the britches off me. I know we were all scared though. But prayers were answered and the wind turned and the fighters put out most of the fire around our houses. So now the house cleaning will wait til I get my breath back. WHEW!!! Gotta go rest now. I'm pooped!! Eileene


  1. Oh, Eileene, that is scary. People do not respect fire enough when burning in the yard!! Pa use to burn the hayfields and taught us a huge respect for fire. I've seen it jump a hard surface road and the wind wasn't pushing it either. He wouldn't burn if the wind was blowing. Glad ya'll are OK!

  2. Well said Ruby! I've seen too many out of control fires than I'd ever liked too. Glad they were able to stop it before it got to your house Eileene!

  3. Wow! What excitement and what a scare! Glad you are not hurt and your property is safe. You should stitch a thank-you card for the VFD people who fought that fire for you. Or bake a batch of cookies and take it to the firehouse. Tell them your Stitching Family are very grateful that you didn't lose anything.

  4. Gee Eileen that would have been very scary ...I am so glad that your and your plus your house was you must rest a while to calm your nerves.
    Gid bless

  5. That must have been very frightening, Eileene! I'm so glad that you, your family and your house were saved!