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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yippie the snow is gone.....for now

When I was a little girl (you know like 10 years ago) my grandma always told me that when snow lays on the ground for 3 days , there would be another on top of it. Well, guess what??? It happened here. We got 8 inches and it stayed for 3 days then we got another 2 inches on top of it. NOw today , we don't have any except for the shadows. WHEW!!! I love to watch it snow and watch the kids out building snow men and makin snow angels. But my limit is 4 days then I want it gone and am ready to garden. Ya know , a person is just never satisfied. Go figure.
Brandi and Frank are putting down wood floors in Brandi's house. Sure pretty. Kim and Brannon got the kitchen finished and a new stove. Haven't seen it yet but Brandi says its really pretty. I 'm trying to clean house between hospital stays. Not easy. We hope to finish our remodeling this year. Kinda havin second thoughts about the hall way. Oh well Frank will figure out somethin. Gotta go for now.....I need to go supervise Frank and Brandi .hehehe Eileene

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