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Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm on a roll now.

I'm on a hot roll now. Well, actually its a hot roll with butter. I know, I'm supposed to be on a lifestyle change. I am. I"m changen from 2 hot rolls with butter to one hot roll with butter. hehehe However, I have lost 6 more lbs. (Bet I gain 'em back, don't yall??)
Well, our 36th anniversary was on the 9th. We went down a got steaks then Frank cooked 'em. Yummy. We try to have a date night every other Friday night. Tonight will be a surprise( for me) . I have to clean house the its time to run kids around ,then, its my turn. Only thing is, I'm gonna be too pooped to enjoy the night. Well, dang it. Oh well, there is always Saturday night. Oh rats, its a conference at church. Well, I love it too. Get to see all my old friends again. Too bad they are all gettin old and I'm still a spring chicken. Didn't loose my looks or figure. IF you believe that.....well, there is no hope for you. hehehe
one grandson has strep throat and now the other 5 will come down with it. I'll probably be the next one. Dang it. Oh well, there is enough girl scout cookies and diet coke to get me thru. If it only lasts 15 minutes.Hope my little Caden is feelin better. On the phone , it sounds like he's fine !!Little stinker.
Gotta go try the diet coke and 1 cookie. Ok probably most of the box or maybe not. We'll see. Hugs yall, Eileene


  1. I'm so proud to know someone who has actually lost weight in these days and times! I could go on an ice-cube diet and gain weight!!

  2. Happy belated anniversary! And good job on the weight loss! You're doing great!