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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stitchmap ---- stash angels

I belong to the greatest group alive. Its called Stitchmap and is a yahoo group. We are a teaching/learning group of crazy ladies that enjoy each others company. Right now we have a basic crazy quilting class going----a beginner tatting class, color theory class and a hardanger class. We have probably 25 or 30 classes that will be taught. Yall come on over and join up. You may just learn something and if you are a teacher , we can sure use you. This is all FREE. No one pays for anything. If you happen to run low on supplies, a stash angel or 2 will help ya out. NO CHARGE. We even pay the postage. Now how's that for service ??? We're comming up on 100 members and have only been a "group " for less than a year. We're a stitching family of crazy ladies that love and support stitching , no matter if we do that particular needlework or not. Yall come on over. You'll you it. Hugs, Eileene

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