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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Team Lifestyle or whatever

There is a group of us ,not dietin, but loosin weight. The stitchmap group at Yahoo is so fun. Anyway, there are a few of us needin to lose some weight. Well, I'm thinkin, I ain't gonna diet. I'd starve to death. But guess what? In a little over a week I've lost 6 lbs. YEA for me. The others are doin so good. My heart doc said I need more excerise so Frank bought me a treadmill. Now yall, I'm a lady that has fallen UNDER my van and stepped in a hole and broke my leg in 3 places and dislocated my ankle. Do I sound like the type of person that should be on a treadmill?? I don't think so. Ok, got the GIANT treadmill up and I got on. IT says in the book, " put KEY on spot and if I start to fall off or it goes too fast,renmove key and it'll stop. Well, that ain't gonna happen for me. In the first place the "key" was on a 2 foot cord. I'wouldv'e had to fall off and slid for a foot before the sucker would stop. Which is just about how it happened. I had feet and elbows goin ever which away and the "Key" was still on the dumb thing. Frank is no help , he's laughin too hard. Brandi is no help, she eatin. So that left me and the "key". After I was whooped off the thing, I decided to shorten that cord. So now its about 4 inches long and its around my neck. Don't let people lie to ya sayin"anyone can use a treadmill". Cause it just ain't true !!!


  1. Holy Smokes! (no pun intended!) I think I would have saved the cheese cake too! Mmm! Yummy!

  2. Oh my God Eileene...I'm laughing so hard at the picture in my mind! Thanks for the smile this morning!! You might need some elbow and knee pads!! Kathy