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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The laughter never ends !!!!!

I got a call from Kim, my oldest daughter last night. Her voice was so serious that I thought someone died!! She said she about burned the house down , then busted out laughing. I'm thinkin, what the heck is so funny about burnin down the dang house. Evidently she had been cookin and had a cheesecake done. Now yall, when this child of mine fixes a cheesecake,she fixes a cheesecake ! Anyway, she put some fish sticks in the oven then promptly forgot about them. Sounds like Kim. I guess one of the kids saw them on fire in the oven. She yells at Brannon , he grabs the fire extenguisher , she grabs the cheesecake. Her stove is ruined and now probably needs a new one and what does she think about? SAVEIN THE DANG CHEESECAKE !!! I just about laughed my butt off. My Kimo is the most funny weirdo I know. Fits right in this family, I'm tellin ya. Brannon called his brother , who is the firechief in his town, to see if the stove could be used again without killin anyone with the chemicals used to put out the fire. So the saga lives on . Till next installment when we find out if Kim gets a new stove and who ate the cheesecake?. Till them, Eileene , mother to 2 weird kids . Frank swears its like mother like daughter. hehehe


  1. Eileene, Eileene, I betcha Frank is right!!! Girl you are a riot but I luv ya!

  2. I have got to make a trip to see you...your whole family sounds like one big party! Kathy