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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The laughter never ends pt. 2

Well, as it turned out Kim got a new stove !! Brannon knew that if she did not get a new stove , he'd never eat again. So , to Home Depot and Lowes they go. Found one and got it home. NOw we'll see if she cooks. Hmmmmmm Kim ate the cheesecake too B T W. My child !!

NOw for the history of the "giant treadmill". I've finally got that sucker where if it doesn't do what I want it too. OFF goes the key. Ha, Now who's boss you cotton pickin killer?? I found that it will let you enter your weight so it'll tell you how long you need to be on it. Mine just said "those numbers don't go that high". Dang thing. So now I get on it and can stay on it for 3 whole minutes at #1 incline. Yea me !! Don't yall dare laugh at me. You know how much sweat and breathin hard I exerted .?? And that's just gettin out of my chair . Wonder if there is a sweat thingy to measure how much I sweat when I do get on it? BT W. It has a fan on it too.Course, I'm too short for it to hit me. I gotta work on that.... Till the next installment.. Later, Eileene

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  1. I would not dare laugh...cause I need to be doing the same dang thing...but just am still refusing! You are my hero!!