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Saturday, January 9, 2010

some of my early needle tatting

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  1. Those look great, Eileene! Great work!

  2. Not bad! Not bad at all! Not everyone's "early work" looks that good, that's for sure!

  3. I taught myself to needle tat, well, alongwith a video and book from Handy Hands.

  4. What hidden talents you have! I didn't know you tatted! I learned how to tat from a babysitter we had when I was a young thing, but have forgotten how, now! We'll have to get together sometime and you can teach me! These look REALLY good!

  5. Janet, I taught myself to needle tat last year. Do you shuttle tat or needle.?? I gave Sister Eager a needle , book and thread . She really wanted to learn. But that was last year. I've got to get back to her and see how she did. Thanks for lettin me know you were here. Eileene

  6. Hi Eileene
    Thanks for visiting my blog! You asked how did I get the leaves to turn up. I think you were looking at the silk ribbon embroidery leaves. It's really easy, bring the needle up through the fabric at the bottom of the leaf, keep the ribbon flat on the fabric and instead of going down into the fabric for the top of the leaf, stab the needle into the ribbon. Pull it through the ribbon and the fabric, being very careful (1)to keep the ribbon without twists, and (2)pull gently and leave a small loop of ribbon at the tip of the leaf. Wow, big explanation!

  7. Your tatting is looking great and you have an excellent teacher in Linda.....keep it up my friend you will be tating doilies in no time
    Joy in OZ

    By the way....Love your accent LOL