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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Needle Tatting at the start

Yall, the photos below this post are some of the early needle tatting that I've done. I'd love to show the other things I've done but alas, they are gone with the wind.Yep, I forgot to take pictures of what I've done. I've given away almost everything I've done. In reality I'm a very big giver of gifts. Since I've been doing cq I've started taking pictures. And now its gonna happen to the other arts that I do. I reckon,better late than least thats what I've been told. we'll see.hehehe I've got to restart my tatting. I'm trying to learn shuttle tatting from a dear friend in England, Linda Davies aka toptattyhead. She does wonderful , beautiful work. I'm trying to teach her to be a redneck and she's tryin to get me to speak t he Queen's english. Well, this old redneck says it ain't gonna happen. That'd scare the britches off me to hear me talk like that.!!! Any way, its gonna be a hard job for her , pretty easy one for me. Makin a redneck is just dang fun. I've even got her husband into redneck jokes !!hehe Jeff Foxworthy is gettin his books sent to England to try to learn a proper speakin gal to talk redneck. hehe Gotta go for now. I'm just plain pooped !!( Southern talk meanin I'm tired.) Eileene


  1. Good night, sweet Eileene. Have a good rest! :)

  2. Oh, that is cool that you are learning to tat from Linda! She seems like she'd be a great teacher! I'll check out your photos in the previous post.

  3. Linda is teaching me to shuttle tat. She's great ,isn't she? If I EVER learn to shuttle tat, it'll be a miracle !!!hehehe Eileene

  4. Now, now! dear friend! Let's have some positiveness from you. You WILL learn to shuttle KNOW you can do it! LOL