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Friday, September 25, 2009

Heart scare over

Yippie, they said I had a 70-90 % blockage . They went in with the cath and put in a stent. I'm now home and breathing much easier. I'll have to go to heart rehab but it is something I'm gonna like to do , I think. Thanks for all the cards and prayers. I needed all of them. Hugs, Eileene


  1. I'm just so very, very happy for you. Now, to get all your energy back...heck, maybe even more for sure!


  2. Great! DH has FOUR stents and recently an Aortic Valve transplant. His stents are doing well after all these years. You will like Cardiac Rehab. I went with DH after his second stent; and, learned how to be a better cook for general and cardiac health. It was all very interesting as Loyal did the physical work out stuff. That hospital has a "heart mate" program one can go through as the spouse does the cardiac rehab pat. It was fun! A good place to socialize and root for one another's progress. Glad to hear you are doing well. Bev