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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heart Cath tomorrow

The time is here for my heart cath. I go in the mornin and we'll see then if it ends up bein a tiny hole or a larger one that will require an open heart surgrey. So please, send prayers my way . I'll need all the prayers I can muster. Be good til I return , maybe early next week. Hugs to all, Eileene


  1. Eileene, I just said a prayer for you!! ((hugs))


  2. Be sure and let us know the results; DH just had an Aortic valve implant a month ago; and, he is coming along quite well ~ They did a new, less invasive procedure that didn't require cracking the chest open. A 6" incision and a cracked rib (which they wired back). He has in home physical therapy. He went to the Tucson Heart Hospital and his surgeon was Dr. Lampros. They are very happy with his progress for a man of 73; but he was an excellent prospect with no other medical problems. We will remember you in our prayers.