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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the Treadmill

Yall , I just met the nicest lady. I had an ad out trying to sell my new treadmill. I paid almost $600.00 for it , used it less than 2 weeks only to have my cardiologist to say I can't use it. They found a hole in my heart . So Lisa answered my ad and we became instant friends. I'm just sure we were friends before we came to earth. Isn't it weird how someone you've never met before , can become instant friends. I think this is a friendship that will last. We'll see. Today , Frank is making me shelves to put my sewing stuff on. YIPPIE!!!! I'm tryin to get all my sewing stuff in one or two rooms. But I am realistic too , IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!! Kids start school on the 20th of August . My other dgk are gonna start next Monday. Dang , this summer went so fast. Both of our daughters and son inlaw are doin fine. Our son inlaw is the greatest!! We are very lucky that he is in our family. But if he doesn't toe the line , I'm gonna beat him with wet floss. hehehe That nut head is always tryin to scare the be-jeppers out of me with spiders or bugs. The only good thing about this is they are plastic. Otherwise I'd probably pee my britches. hehehe OUr Christmas stocking swap is due on Oct. 15. Hopefully , mine will be finished. I'm a really , really bad one to put things off. Oh and get this, Frank said I'm a piler . I have little piles all over our house. Well dang it , he gets the barn. I told him I know where any item is any time I need it. So in you eye Frank. hehe Gotta go for now. Yall be good and stay cool as ya can. Hugs, Eileene aka noiseynana


  1. Good to see you posting..and Get Off Your Butt and get that stocking started! Hugs!

  2. I'm a piler, too ... only in the RV, those piles become overwhelming, real quickly!! So ... did you get that stocking finished yet???! :)