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Sunday, January 27, 2013

What yall doin???

Well seems like forever since I posted to this blog. So better late than never. At least thats what I heard. hehehe Lets see whats happened since August. Holy cow thats a long time......Well , I had a total knee replacement in September was home 4 days and fell and had to do it all over again. Dang it. That hurt !!!!! Finally got off the walker and can now walk reasonalbly well. Next cat out of the bag , Frank spilled chocolate milk in my laptop. )(*U)(*&^&%^%$ of course yall understand..... He felt so bad he bought me a new one.Yippie. Since then the other laptop has dried out and is workin fine. hehehehe But really , I didn't think it would. Oh shoot , I can't think of anymore right now. So maybe I will later in the week. Ya think???? So what are yall doin??? Let me know how all of you are.

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