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Monday, June 11, 2012

Good friends and support for another

You know what with all the tension and turmoil in the world you'd think there couldn't possibly be anything good. On these yahoo ( and other ) groups I have found so many new friends . Without the internet , well , it just wouldn't be possible. So ornery as it gets sometimes, I love being able to make new friends. I found here a few weeks ago that my sewing machine died ! Well , if it hadn't I'd have killed it myself ! hehehe Darn thing just wouldn't do what I wanted it to do . Of course , Frank said it wasn't the machine , just the operator. ( Well that didn't help ). So anyway after complaining to a Canadian friend , I got a new machine. My friend , though we never met , except online, sent me one of her machines. Can you believe it???? I've been sewing up everything I can find. hehehe I've made 4 new quilt tops and clothes for "baby doll" of my granddaughters. So to Denise , thank you for loving to help. I just didn't know what to say when she sent it. But with tears of joy , I've used it like crazy. I have several friends online and I love 'em all . In the groups I have joined , I've met some of the most special people I've never met. So to all of you , my needs and wants have been met and I'll love ya forever. I pay it forward too since I have been blessed so much by giving friends. There are so many people out there willing to help out . When I started out quilting , I didn't have much "stash" and my "stitchmap" group jumped right in and shared what they have with me and many others. We have a group within our group what is called "Stash Angles". I now am able to be one too. What we do is when someone joins the group , needs some stitching stuff , we see that she gets it. Yall remember when the HUGE fires were in Texas? Well my good friend Shari on StitchMap group started gathering things for all the stitchers there and with Lyn ( another buddy ) got it going and loads of people in and out of out our group sent trailers full of "stitching Stuff " including sewing machines. These ladies were wonderful in all the work and expense they went to . See , God does prepare for all of us .The ladies were all in love with all that we sent.Some could afford more than others and nobody cared if only a pkg of needles was sent. We all need help at one time or other. So with love to all my Online Friends . So if ya get a chance to help someone , just do it. You will get much more in return. Have a great day.

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  1. Congrats on the "new" machine...and BRAVO to Denise! And...I agree...stitchers are wonderful and giving...and STITCHMAP is a great site!