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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Found : rotten company THREADART

Today , I got an ad from ThreadArt for a free set of threads if I bought a set. So I checked it out and that is what it said for sure. So being the resourceful person I am . I contacted the company customer service dept. They had no idea what I was talking about. It too 3 emails to get thru the thick heads in the email room. I finally had to tell them to go to their own website to verify what I had been talking about.tHEY WENT in and took off the item of free thread set . Then absoulty NO contact from them at all. BUT they did change the ad . I'm so mad , I could choke them. I'll never buy anything from that company THREADART, again. I'm sick of bait and switch. Besides , its against the law. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only fool that fell for that ad. Maybe this will keep someone else from having a problem. The person's name is Gerry in customer service. I've written an email and told them to take me off ALL the lists I'm on. Yes I'm still upset. They seemed like a great company til today. And it may be just the idiot that I got, Gerry. I know I'll never hear anything back but I'll spread the word to all the groups I belong to and that will give me some satisfaction !!!!!

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  1. If you go to their page on face book and post. Your. Concern. It ail get out tomillions ofpeople and theycan add weather they. Like your comment. Or not. KAROL