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Saturday, November 12, 2011

What I've been doin

I started out the month of November with the darn flu. What a drag . So while I was sittin and sick I decided to make my gkids all a scripture bag for church. The pictures will follow this post.
NOW , I've gotten into a great challenge. Kathy aka Shawkl has decided to challenge us to a year of crazy quilting 6 inch squares. We will not send these on to others , we'll keep 'em all to make into a quilt, tote or whatever we decide. There won't be any judging on these , except by ourselves. So yall join us now

I also found a new quilting site ,. I really like it and you may too. So check it out. OK?
Also I found a OLD sewing machine from Japan. Its brand name is YOUNKERS . Wierd little dude but it hums like a new one. And it was given to me . Wow!!! I love these old metal sewing machines. I like to take 'em apart and clean 'em up then put 'em back together. I think this is called "cheap labor". hehehehe So now I have a 1909 Singer electric, a 1889 Singer Treadle and this Younkers. I already had 2 new Brother
machines and a Singer Simplicity from my MIL. so ya might say "I"m sewing machine poor". Frank thinks I'm nuts .heheheh Keeps me busy , so I keep at it. Gotta go for now. Hugs to all

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