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Monday, September 26, 2011

Yall, I have indeed fallen down on getting my posts out. Sorry 'bout that.......We had to have 2 of our furbabies put to sleep. Both born in , both blind , one had a few strokes and the other had a very bad heart condition. So our vet told us it would be kinder to put them to sleep. I cried for 3 days. Its gettin better now . But my little Haley was the sweetest little dog ever born. Gonna miss her like crazy. My little Ziggy was my partner at all times. No matter how bad he hurt , he'd always get up and go where ever I went. Yep, even to the bathroom. He'd just sit and wait on me no matter what I was doin. OMG crying again. Gotta go. Till next time. Hugs Eileene

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  1. Oh Eileen, so sorry to hear. I have had to do this in past too...and it is so hard; even when you know it is for the best. Sending hugs my friend!! Now you have two more little fur angels watching out for you!!