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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well here it is the 6 th of Febuary. We already have snow on the ground and today we're lookin to get more snow plus an ice storm. Dang it , all we need now is a tornado. Not really. But if ya don't like the weather in Arkansas , just stick around and it'll change to your liking. Weird weather here. Now Al Gore has decided that global warming is the reason we're havin all these freakin snow and ice storms. What a jerk !!!! Now for all you liberals ( and I love you too ) how the heck can you believe this crap???? It boggles the mind !
Movin on, Frank is still makin trunks. I'm waitin on a couple more to be finished before I post pictures. So hang in there,ok?
It seems like everybody in the state has had or is havin now or will have the flu . That stuff is awful.My little grandkids have all had it at least once. A couple act like they may be commin down with it again. Hope not.
Thanks to my friend Linda Davies for sendin me a special little present today. Linda, I love it and will use it often. Eventually. You know what I mean. hehehehe
It is now time to fix breakfast then on to Church. I hope. May not go if the roads are icy. Later gator, Eileene


  1. Eileene, I'm glad we missed the snow this time. Take care of you!! :)

  2. I saw Kathy's blog post and the 'box'. It's gorgeous!! Tell Frank he's great---if you dare!! It might go to his head! hehehe!! Great job Frank!!