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Monday, March 14, 2011

photos posted today

Well, by now everybody knows that Frank is a carpenter. Right?? These are a few of the boxes he has made. Some more to follow . I'm tickled that he finally found a hobby.
SHARI, he said "you come put down a concret slab". hehehhe.
If yall know StitchMap at all you know that we are a crazy quiltin , weirdo kinda group. We , for the most part, are stitchin sisters. Hence, the "tell Frank to lay ya a slab of concrete , remark. We do have fun and I wish all of you would go check it out. Doesn't cost anything, classes are free, friends just waitin to be your friend. We have FUN !!!!!
Ok now to post the pics of Franks new hobby. Hugs to all , Eileene

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