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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


What a knot head I am. I WON the year-end prize on Stitch Map a yahoo group that is a teaching place. I've learned so darn much there that I don't have the energy to do every class they offer. IF you are interested in joining, you will have a LOAD of fun, find new friends, and learn more stitchin thingies than you ever thought possible. Really. Enjoy the pictures. I'm just proud as punch that I got all this. The only thing that concerns me is did Shari get all that stuff in that little box??? That woman has talent !!!
As you can tell, my camera lacks a lot. Maybe next year Santa Baby will get me another one ,much better one. Here's hoping.


  1. I'm glad to know you won Eileen,...that is, if I could not! I love stitched the box top CQ piece for Shari...and am glad to know it has a good home! That makes two things of mine you have! I think you are getting spoiled!

    Big Hugs my Friend!!


  2. congratulations that is a magnificient box with all those goodies as well