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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yet another "OMG" I forgot to post these pics

I have a wonderful friend in England whose name is Linda Davies . This lady is a SUPER tatter. She has tried for 2 years to teach me to shuttle tat. Try as she might I still can't shuttle tat. So being the great friend she is , she sent me these beautiful snowflakes and a special card and a cd of her sons' wedding. The card is beautiful in wording and also has a tatted bouquet on the front. She also included 3 tatted snowflakes , one in white and 2 in metalic blue. They are so pretty that I kept them in the pkg she sent them in to keep them safe. While cleaning my "room" early this morning, I found the "safe" pkg. Then I remembered that I hadn't posted about them . SOoooooo, here they all are. Enjoy. I love this lady.

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