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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year - Yippie a new year

Ok here's the deal ........I'm cuttin loose from my credit card !!!!!!. 'nuff said .I'm fixin to clean up my craft/genealogy/computer space this week. ( what am I thinkiN??) I gotta be whacky in the head to even take on this project. I'll post a photo or 3 of what my space looks like now . That way I'll be shamed into cleanin up my act . See, my plan will work.
What s your resolution for the new year?
A friend of mine is expecting a new little girl in April. Her name is Julia Annabella. Does anyone know the meaning of this name and a flower or fairey to go with it./??. I'm making her a little quilt to be her "lovie". So if yall know any of these please email me. Gotta go for now and get busy on " these resolutions" . I gotta be out of my cotton pickin mind !!!


  1. Here's what I found...

    Julia means "youthful", and Annabella means "Celtic Joy".

    Now, get to cleaning and organizing gal!! When you finish, come and tackle my office and then my sewing room too! PLEASE!


  2. My source says Annabella means graceful or beautiful. Must be a different book.


  3. I am in the same process...sort of. I started converting our office into more of a sewing studio, but life has been getting in the way. I found you via CQ for Newbies. It looks like we have a lot of common interests. Connie