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Friday, August 13, 2010

much sadness this week

Sorry for not posting in so long. Started out with problems with my heart. That was cleared up then lungs, then fibromyliga problems. Now things are lookin up. Then last Sunday at 10 am. my friend ,Gene Christensen died of cancer. She was the strongest person I'd ever know. She took my under her wing and taught me so much. She shared her genealogy with me and it looks like we may be related. WOW!!! I love her so much that I hurt at her passing. Monday night at 10:30 her hubby killed himself . He and she had been married something like 70 years. He was just broken hearted and just couldn't see himself being with out her. My heart breaks at the thought of loosing both of them. At least they will be together. I'll miss them all my life. I wonder where I will go for the companionship that I had with her.???? The week before my daughter Kim lost a set of twins she was carrying. She is broken hearted too. You know , when your children hurt it makes you hurt for them. I just don't think I can stand any more losses . My heart is very heavy !!
Life must go on. I'll post again later. Love to all , Eileene


  1. Love you Eileene. *very big hugs*

  2. Hi, I saw your blog addy on a yahoo group we both belong and I read your post and boy you sure have been through alot lately! I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. I'm truly sorry for your losses in your life and your daughters also.

  3. Love ya kiddo!! So sorry for all the problems you have had of one should have to endure all that you do. But, you must be one tough cookie for carrying so much on your shoulders...and, you must be carrying for someone else as well! So, my friend, I salute you for your endurance...and your ever-present since of joy...even when you are crying.

    Big Bear Hugs!! Kathy

  4. You guys are so sweet !! Thanks for careing. Eileene

  5. Eileene, I'm so sorry to know of all your sorrow. I wish I had the words to make everything alright, but there is nothing I can say. just know you and your family are in my thoughts. Blessings my friend