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Monday, December 28, 2009

Onward and upward

With this being the end of the month and the end of 2009, I give thanks for the friends and family I have. We're all warm and cozy, well fed and even a little bit silly. The children are ready for another Christmas vacation. They had a snowy Christmas and it was just lovely. They go back to school next Monday .They are ready to tell the friends at school what Santa brought and see what they got but are not ready to study just yet. For my part I truly enjoyed having all my little family around me if even for just a day. My DH Frank has had 2 weeks off and has worked most every day. Oh well, we try to keep him busy so he won't feel left out. hehehe This New Years eve we'll have our church missionary's over for Brisket, Cole Slaw and hot rolls. (Homemade , of course). Probably need a couple of chocolate pies and banana pudding. yum yum. I got to hear from my friends this year and was very glad they are in good spirits. Gotta go for now, 2 little grandsons are here and hungry for a (what else) a popsicle. Happy new year and safety and love for all. May your new year be filled love, happiness, and just loads of good cheer. Eileene

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  1. Happy New Year Eileene! Hope you have a wonderful year!