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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good news for me

Well, its been a while since I last posted. They found that after a stress test that I have a great heart. All is well there. But during the test my blood pressure went to 250. So they had to stop the test. BUT, I just need meds to keep it straight. Now maybe I can get on with my Christmas shopping and decorating. I've also got to get on with my wall hanging for Christmas. I always start Christmas stuff in January. This year , not so much. So, here it is last minute and this elf has hit a hard spot. Brain cells not workin at all. I just go blank when I try to think what to get for who. Its gotta get better. Eileene


  1. Me too! Haven't bought the first present! And I'm usually done in August! Just can't get into the spirit this year...and I have several swaps I'm trying to get no time to think!

  2. I'm glad the ticker is OK and meds will help with the blood pressure. I'm always the last minute and it's getting worst. :(

  3. I'm glad to hear about that. I guess the pressure is due to the test but yes, you need to control that. My mum have bp and its under control. She did the stress test but for a very short time since she is not that strong physically plus she is nearing 70.