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Monday, October 12, 2009

Rain in Arkansas

Well, today it rains....supposed to all week. Yall know what that means....stitchin !!!!!YEA!!! I really need to clean house butttttttt, my heart just ain't in it. hehehe On Stitchmap I'm takin a class on embroidery/crazy quilt. Someone mentioned that we should make some stitches up on paper when we have extra time. This way we may come up with a stitch that no one elsd has. Well, I've picked some doozies and they don't look too bad. If I can remember how to add pictures from my camera to my blog, I'll post some. Yall have a great day and remember, God loves ya. Me Too. Eileene

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  1. Hey,Girlfriend! I just discovered your blog! And guess what? I too love the kay Scarpetta books by Patricia Cornwell!

    When are we going to see some pics?