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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Older age hehehe

Well, I've finally decided I'm gettin old. This mornin I was slippin on my sneakers and got a hitch in my get along. Dang it . So no church today again. Brandi has to work today so I get up and go to her house at 5:30 am. This mornin I had ice , yep I said ice, on my car. Isn't it a little early for ice? So much for Al Gore's global warming. ha ha.

I've been workin on my stitches in embroidery so I can make some pretty things for Christmas. You know, crazy quilt thingeys. I've about got my thread roll up finished , only to find that I went too far. Whew, I'm sure glad Kathy is a patient person. Also, I'm workin on a Christmas wall hangin in crazy quiltin. If I can ever remember how to upload pictures , I've got some doozies.

well, I must go for now and check on the little varmits . My grandkids. They just got up from a nap. Now for some spongebob squarepants, again. I'm surprised I don't dream about that little cartoon guy. Have a happy day and will check in later. Eileene


  1. Oh gosh, me too! Aidan has two Spongbob when he's not on tv (and really, he's on ALL the time!)...I have to hear the movies.

    I'll be so glad when she gets tired of that...but wonder who the next "phase" will be. Sure hope it's barbie and not barnie!

  2. I remember the "Speed Racer" song staying in my mind for years ~
    yup;, THERE it is AGAIN. I, too, missed worship last Sunday ~ rough night. But DH 1 month out from his Aortic Valve transplant put me to shame but getting up early and doing his duty as elder. He is doing really well and I'm so glad for him ~ very impatient, patient. He's happy to be in the Kitchen again on limited duty; and, daughter is picking up the slack.
    I? I'm tatting as usual, working on an edging.
    Just thought I'd drop by ~ watch out for the little ankle biters...LOL