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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall has fell in Arkansas

Hey yall, fall is here. Dang its cold. We slept with the doors and windows open and got up to COLD weather. Time to get out the warm clothes and electric blanket. I'm usually pretty warm blooded so I don''t get too cold. But since the heart problem I'm on blood thinners and now freeze. Go figure. Now I can get out my quilting frames and finish the quilt I was workin on in the spring. hehehehe Great way to stay warm.Will I finish this this year or next.??? depends on how cold it gets. Gotta go clean up the yard before it starts raining. Hugs, Eileene

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  1. Yep, it's a little cooler here in Bama too. But, no heat turned on yet...just an extra quilt on the bed. Makes me want to sleep in each morning.

    Guess it's lucky that I just love cool weather! Usually wear a coat only about 3 days out of the year...the rest is in sweats or a sweater.