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Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'mmmmm Backkkkk hehehheee

Yall , I just remembered I have a blog too. I thought hmmmm they probably have deleted it cause I haven't been here for bout a year. WHAT ??????? A year????? Up until about 1 year ago I always thought I was as organized as anyone else. Well guess what , I just found out last week I'm really not. Whinni me. OH GOOD GRIEF. So I started making myself lists so I could be ouganized. Kept loosin the dang lists. Now the real problem is that I look really busy then Frank comes in and finds my list and asks what did ya take off the list today.?  You know that tree house guy on t v ? I'm thinking of giving him a call to make Frank a tree house with NO way DOWN. hehehehe  Then lets see that bugger find my list. ha  Really , I've been down in my cotton pickin health. Oh  well onward and upward. I hope. heheI've been goin thru my stash and have found I need a new LARGE cabinet. And since Frank makes furniture to sell , I figure he could make me a cabinet (at no charge) I mean after all I don't charge him to cook and clean. Although I don't do it unless I'm not in the mood to sew or what ever. hehehe Gosh darn it , summer is here. I hate heat. Until the winter. then I relly like it.
    Do yall see a pattern here? I think it is called "not gettin outta the house enough. I need to get out more so Brandi my daughter took me to the mall . She loves a place called Charming Charlies. OMG me too. If I'd have had unlimited money pretty near all the shelves would have had a missing piece or two. I'm gonna try to post some pictures . I'll TRY but so far it has never happened. So here goes.
This ia Molly , Franks little shadow. .The thinks she is a Great Dane and hasn't figured out yet that she is just a little fat squirt . hehehe But I gotta give her credit . She did run 2 Great Danes out of out field last week . I qurantee if they would have turned around , she would have peed all the way back to the barn and the safety of  Frank. Well gotta go for now. TTYL. Hugs

Saturday, June 8, 2013

antiques I love antiques

I just joined antiques navigator . I'm gonna post my pictures here and maybe there too. That is IF I can figure out how to do it. hehehhe Been a while since I posted and millions of things have gone on in my life. Really !! I found a yard sale and bought so much at such low prices that I was embarrased to leave. I got some depression glass , a corner shelfing unit , an antique plant stand with marble on the 2 shelves., also an antique pitcher and only paid $20.00 for it all . Gotta go for now. Will try to post pictures in the am. Bye

Sunday, January 27, 2013

What yall doin???

Well seems like forever since I posted to this blog. So better late than never. At least thats what I heard. hehehe Lets see whats happened since August. Holy cow thats a long time......Well , I had a total knee replacement in September was home 4 days and fell and had to do it all over again. Dang it. That hurt !!!!! Finally got off the walker and can now walk reasonalbly well. Next cat out of the bag , Frank spilled chocolate milk in my laptop. )(*U)(*&^&%^%$ of course yall understand..... He felt so bad he bought me a new one.Yippie. Since then the other laptop has dried out and is workin fine. hehehehe But really , I didn't think it would. Oh shoot , I can't think of anymore right now. So maybe I will later in the week. Ya think???? So what are yall doin??? Let me know how all of you are.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the Treadmill

Yall , I just met the nicest lady. I had an ad out trying to sell my new treadmill. I paid almost $600.00 for it , used it less than 2 weeks only to have my cardiologist to say I can't use it. They found a hole in my heart . So Lisa answered my ad and we became instant friends. I'm just sure we were friends before we came to earth. Isn't it weird how someone you've never met before , can become instant friends. I think this is a friendship that will last. We'll see. Today , Frank is making me shelves to put my sewing stuff on. YIPPIE!!!! I'm tryin to get all my sewing stuff in one or two rooms. But I am realistic too , IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!! Kids start school on the 20th of August . My other dgk are gonna start next Monday. Dang , this summer went so fast. Both of our daughters and son inlaw are doin fine. Our son inlaw is the greatest!! We are very lucky that he is in our family. But if he doesn't toe the line , I'm gonna beat him with wet floss. hehehe That nut head is always tryin to scare the be-jeppers out of me with spiders or bugs. The only good thing about this is they are plastic. Otherwise I'd probably pee my britches. hehehe OUr Christmas stocking swap is due on Oct. 15. Hopefully , mine will be finished. I'm a really , really bad one to put things off. Oh and get this, Frank said I'm a piler . I have little piles all over our house. Well dang it , he gets the barn. I told him I know where any item is any time I need it. So in you eye Frank. hehe Gotta go for now. Yall be good and stay cool as ya can. Hugs, Eileene aka noiseynana

Thursday, July 19, 2012


If you haven't been to you are missing a lot. Never have I had such extreme customer service. They are out of this world nice. I have screwed up my orders 2 different times and they take care of me. hehehe So I now have a keeper yall. I've bought shoes and handbags there. BUT they also sell loads more things. Yall get over there and check it out. Tell 'em Eileene sent ya. OK??

My Friend Lin

I don't know how in the world I could forget about Lin Davies . This lady lives in England and is a wonderful friend. She is always sending me her "doodles" of tatting to use on my crazy quilts. What a gal !!!!! Do yall remember when I had a friend make me the tatted scripture covers? Well that is her. Then last week she made me a beautiful tatted doily for my dining room table. I can't up load pictures any more , probable cause i'm doin something wrong. Otherwise there would be pictures up here. Gotta go for now. Hugs to all

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Proof of my claim about threadart

I have proof about my claim against ThreadArt. For some reason I can't get the picture uploaded on my blog . IF you will leave me your email addy I'll be glad to send you a picture of the ad that they sent me.