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Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'mmmmm Backkkkk hehehheee

Yall , I just remembered I have a blog too. I thought hmmmm they probably have deleted it cause I haven't been here for bout a year. WHAT ??????? A year????? Up until about 1 year ago I always thought I was as organized as anyone else. Well guess what , I just found out last week I'm really not. Whinni me. OH GOOD GRIEF. So I started making myself lists so I could be ouganized. Kept loosin the dang lists. Now the real problem is that I look really busy then Frank comes in and finds my list and asks what did ya take off the list today.?  You know that tree house guy on t v ? I'm thinking of giving him a call to make Frank a tree house with NO way DOWN. hehehehe  Then lets see that bugger find my list. ha  Really , I've been down in my cotton pickin health. Oh  well onward and upward. I hope. heheI've been goin thru my stash and have found I need a new LARGE cabinet. And since Frank makes furniture to sell , I figure he could make me a cabinet (at no charge) I mean after all I don't charge him to cook and clean. Although I don't do it unless I'm not in the mood to sew or what ever. hehehe Gosh darn it , summer is here. I hate heat. Until the winter. then I relly like it.
    Do yall see a pattern here? I think it is called "not gettin outta the house enough. I need to get out more so Brandi my daughter took me to the mall . She loves a place called Charming Charlies. OMG me too. If I'd have had unlimited money pretty near all the shelves would have had a missing piece or two. I'm gonna try to post some pictures . I'll TRY but so far it has never happened. So here goes.
This ia Molly , Franks little shadow. .The thinks she is a Great Dane and hasn't figured out yet that she is just a little fat squirt . hehehe But I gotta give her credit . She did run 2 Great Danes out of out field last week . I qurantee if they would have turned around , she would have peed all the way back to the barn and the safety of  Frank. Well gotta go for now. TTYL. Hugs

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