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Monday, December 5, 2011

sewing machine problems

Well, today its snowing like crazy. Started about 6 am and kept it up til noon. Snow was very heavy and wet. Kids are gonna love it. Chance had a basket ball game on Saturday morning and they won. He was so excited he called me to say he is a "blocker" .He called a little later and said he lost a tooth too. That kid is a mess. He was waiting for the toothfairy to leave him some money . He said that 2 great things happened to him , his tooth and winning the ball game. Little stinker. Today I've been working on my sewing machine. The race is broken and it will have to go to the shop . The kids call it the machine hospital. hehehe Ali seems to have had strep this weekend. I hope the boys don't get it. Wonder how they are liking the snow. It'll probably be gone by the time school is out. We'll see. Ferris , our neighbor is gonna let Chance use his basketball goal to practice on til Caymen gets a little bigger. I think they will be good buddies. I mean Caymen and Chance. If yall have not signed up for TAST or the cqjournal project , get over there and do it. We're gonna have fun . Fun for all. Newbies and experienced alike can join and learn something new. Also , yahoo group Stitchmap is one ya ought to join. Free classes , free fun and loads of learning. It is on Yahoo groups. Just look for it and you'll find it. Gotta go .

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