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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter in Arkansas

Well, for Christmas we had a warm front and now we have a cool front and this weekend we'll be havin 60 degrees . One thing about Arkansas if ya don't like the weather , just wait a while and it's gonna change.
I've been workin on another cq project. I'm using the Christmas Angel stocking that Lyn Gaskill sent me. She made me the most beautiful stocking yall ever saw. I'll post a photo soon as I can . Also, my DH is making trunks . Yall gonna see 'em. I'm gonna post photos as soon as tomorrow. Wait till ya see them.These that I'll photo tomorrow all have round over tops. He made me an oak one for some of my things.
Boy oh boy, is retirement great? NOOOOO. Not enough money, too much time and not enough to do. In a work, it sucks !!!!!!

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  1. Don't worry, Eileene, it takes time for a man to get used to retirement.
    Try to find him jobs that don't cost anything except time LOL!
    BTW....where are the photos you promised us?