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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Button , button, I got the buttons

HEHEHEHEHE , Now that I know about the "button" , I'm just giddy with using it. Yall remember my friend Kathy Shaw? THe lady that made my "pretties". Well, she now has a blog and I now have her button so yall can check her site out.

Thanks to Shari and Moon of Stitchmap , I now have "BUTTON POWER". hehehehehe
Stay tuned for maybe more "buttons ".
Also, Arlene's younger brother has been found alive and well, along with his whole family. Arlene, remember that God says that when HE closes one door He will open another but HE never said it wouldn't be hell in the hallway.
Yall have a wonderful day and be safe. Hugs, Eileene

1 comment:

  1. Eileen you are dangerous now! But honey, that button is to my Yahoo Group Site...not my blog. LOL! Perhaps I should create a button for my blog so you CAN post that.

    Congrats on learning how to copy and paste! Yeah!