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Saturday, September 5, 2009

New friend and great blogger

I've been checkin out this blog and didn't think until today that I've never posted about it. Its . Yall she does beautiful work AND she is sendin me a hanky with an E on it. Its so pretty. You can see it on her blog now. She is doing build a seam a week on her blog. I'm tryin to keep up but I'll never be able to do the work she does. And Kathy Shaw, twelve dozen stitches in twelve months. OMG... I've never seen so many different stitches. Check her out too. I know there are LOADS of beautiful stitchers out there so yall let me know where.OK?? Eileene

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  1. I completely agree about both Kerry and Kathy. Being in a RR with Kerry is a dream, she is a amazing artist. I also love following Kathy's twelve dozen stitches. they both offer so many resource for those who love to stitch.

    Ann Flowers