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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Place to shop Freecycle

I don't know how many of you freecycle,but I do . If you will Google search "freecycle" you will find a wonderful place to not only shop but to get rid of some of your "stuff". Me, I don't have junk....Frank has junk, I only have great stuff.hehehe You can give it to someone and they can use it. All you have to do is list it and let them pick it up. NO muss no fuss. I love it. I've gotten fabric, trim , a couch and a table. All for free. So, try it. I know, all I'm doin is tradein my junk for someone elses stuff. But it works for me. Also, you can list things that ya want. I just got a sewing machine the other day. Gave it away before I even got home. Lady needed one for her mom that is visiting from Italy. She likes to sew for her grandchildren. Eileene

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