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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Got a terrific gift yesterday

Yesterday I went to the mail box and found the most surprise gift . Kathy Shaw had sent me a card and a box of thread (rubi) and several pkgs. of needles to stitch with. I had told her that the doctor had found a problem with my heart and would be just stitchin for a while. So she decided to see that I have enough stitchin stuff to keep me occupied for a long while. Last week I got another box of thread, ribbon, charms,fabric and I can't even remember what all was in the box, from CJ of CJ's stuff. ALL in my favorite color of RED !!! Now if I could just find someone to clean the house , all I'd have to do is STITCH!! I've got so many friends that I feel very humble with all the attention they give me. I love ya loads , gal friends. They are all very good ladies and I think every one should have at least one friend like they are to me. I'm very blessed to have friends all over the world. Yep, I said world. From Malaysia to England, to India and all of the United States. May God bless the United States ! Eileene

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