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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yall I love genealogy. I've met so many people that want to find their roots and don't know where to to go. Where I started is the FAMILY HISTORY CENTER OF THE LDS CHURCH. They have soooooooo many records that I could live there and never go thru all of 'em. Most of them are available on line . Just google " family search or mormon church". You'll be amazed. They had one of my lines back to 800 bc. Can ya beleive it?? True. If you are researching Indian families you might try Yahoo groups ......native american home fires. I've never seen so much info on families of native american history. A couple of my family names has interconnected with a couple on there. Go get 'em people. You may just find a gold nugget or a nut . Eileene


  1. Eileene. I am a member of LDS Church since december 1983 and I am still working in my genealogy, which is not complete yet. Congratulations for founding your family. You have a lot of work to do.
    Alba Alicia
    Tijuana, México
    (I attend the San Diego Temple)

  2. I also do genealogy and have used the LDS site a lot of times. I also go out to the chuch here and do some research there. I love to do genealogy and love to tat. Hope you fine some of those that are hiding out there somewhere.