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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cloudy here in Arkansas

Yall, its sooooo hot and humid here. Now we have clouds and get some relief from the sun. Its been so dang hot that my tomatoes just wilted and croaked. Nary a tomato at all survived. so no cannin or fresh tomatoes this year. Hope yall have a very pleasant weekend. Frank has been out mowin and weed wackin the yard. Sure does look pretty. My son in law , Brannon , has been puttin in a new diswasher for Kimo. Brandi has been off all week on vacation. Kim is into Twilight and scrapbookin. With 3 kids I don't know how she does it. Brandi,also has 3 kids, has been paintin her house inside. Lookin great. Sure has a much lighter look than before. She sure has an eye for color. Well, I'm gonna work on my stitch challenge and my cq class today. Also , have a needlebook I'm doin with Judyth of Crazy Judyth fame. hehehe She is a good person and a great friend. Gotta go, Eileene

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