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Monday, March 16, 2009

Gettin back to my life

Ok, after an unexpected death in the family and all that goes with it, I'm finally findin time to post. While sitting and not knowin what to do , I was busy doin cq blocks. I'll post them when I can. I've been able to do several not at all what I wanted on them , but ya have to do what ya can. SSSoooo, today I clean house and have 3 grandkids here on Spring break. All under 9. great kids. Still waiting for my exchange partner to send me my goodies. Zarinia has been writing her final papers for college. I'm so proud of her. She's so pretty and I love her blog. Gotta go for now. Eileene


  1. First, condolences to your family (and did you know Jon's mother passed away last week). Next, your exchange I have to improvise. To make up for the shortness, I will put in so much stash that you did not know what actually happened. Problem now is that my brother's getting married end of March and life caught up fast and furious I had to delay again the sending off the package. I just need to purchase one more item and to collect something from my condo (which my brother is keeping house for me).

  2. Wow! I just sent Jon a message about you. I was worried that you were having family or finance problems. I'm so glad you are ok. Congrats on your new sister in law. Hope ya like her.Know that I was very concerned about you not the gift. I'm just so glad you are ok. eileene