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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Startin today

Hi yall. Just started this cotton pickin blog today. Got a lot to learn but will get much help from friends. PLEASEEEEEEEE Let me know what ya think. Yep, I type the way I talk. Eileene


  1. OK< I found you, looks great so far!! I started mine a few months ago and am still learning.

  2. Starting with one step at a time, we'll make it to the moon..Great job!! I look forward to following your blog and seeing all your CQing!! hugs, Skye

  3. Welcome to blogville!
    I look forward to reading your posts.

  4. It loos like you're getting along just fine. Now it's time to get the camera and scanner going, I look forward to seeing more of your craftwork.

  5. Welcome to the world of blogging, Eileene!
    Now take a picture of some of your tatting and post it up. Can't wait to see what you will show us first!

  6. Hi Eileene,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, its my second one ever!! :-) You ask how you can follow my blog?? I have no idea lol Can anyone help us newbies. I know how to do seton someones blog when they have that feature up, but I dont know how to set iit up on my own website.

  7. Marianne from CQ4Newbies here, nice start.

  8. I dropped by eileen I will keep an eye out for further postings
    my blog

  9. hi Eileen!

    a quick note on "following" blogs. here on blogger/blogspot, we can "follow" other blogs from our dashboard (link at the top of the page when you're signed in). or one can use the "Subscribe to posts (Atom)" link at the bottom to add the current blog to one's favorite blog reader (like bloglines).

    that help?

    dani, the geek

  10. Hi Eileen,

    Welcome to blogland! It's lots of fun here.


  11. Hello Eileen
    You'll soon get the hang of it! I've been at it almost a year, and when I started I didn't know if I would have enough to talk about!

    You left a message in my blog about the SRE leaves turning up. Well, you bring your needle up at the base of the leaf, hold the ribbon flat towards the top of the leaf. Where you want the top of the leaf to end, put the needle down through the ribbon, and gently pull the needle through to the back. At the front you will see a little loop. Don't pull it tight or you will lose the loop. That's all there is to it!